• 22 May 2024
  • Resana (TV)

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These plants are intended to form and shape the dough precisely and evenly, to obtain high quality products with excellent taste.

Dough forming plants use a series of rollers, Blades, Punches and other tools for manipulating and kneading the dough. For example, bread making machines use rollers and blades to cut the dough into specific shapes, such as sandwiches, slippers or baguettes.

Dough forming equipment can also be equipped with extrusion systems, to produce doughs of particular shape, such as those used for the production of biscuits or sweets.

Sheet lamination

Our lines of rolling They are able to work at best all types of pasta.

Generally we start from theextruder, which can be 3 or 5 rolls, then we move on to the sorter and masseur, then gently roll out the dough in several rolling steps and then calibrate the thickness of the desired dough. The rolling mill will be completed with Different options that include flour, molds and other accessories to be inserted on request to get to produce the desired product.

Ball lamination

Sheet width: from 400 mm to 1,500 mm.
Rollers of adequate size: from 80 mm to 350 mm.

The rollers of the ball lamination are treated superficially with thick chrome plating and mirroring to work even the softest pastes. There is the possibility of automatically adjust the thickness of the lamellaScrapers are made according to the mixture with special technical solutions. The flour dispensers can be variable speed with possible additional sieve for gluten-free doughs and difficult pastas.

Hot press

With the heat press there is the possibility of adjust the temperature in 3 zones.

To check the pressure a piston driven by a hydraulic system with strong power is used calibrated according to the type of product. For very thin products, the overpressure.

The machinery gives the possibility of store multiple recipe configurations for different products.

Many options can be adopted to load and unload dough balls automatically.