• 13 July 2024
  • Resana (TV)

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Automation in the food industry refers to the use of Advanced machinery and technologies per semplificare e ottimizzare i processi di produzione alimentare.

Our automated machinery allows and increase efficiency, reduce production costs, improve food quality and safety, and comply with industry regulations.

Handling of tanks and trays

Handling of tanks and trays suitable for products treated in trays. In fact, this type of transport is used for proofing or cooling cells for those who do not want to use towers.
We can handle all types of trolleys. The movement can take place by means of a towing chain or by means of linear guides with belts.
We can automatically load and unload trays in carts.


The detaller is a machine used for remove molds or shapes from a newly created food product, such as bakery or sweets.

The demodeler works using a series of pressure and shear plates which act on the shape of the food, removing excess liquids or residues and creating a precise shape. The food product is placed in the machine and is pressed between the plates, then it is released from the form.

This process is important because guarantees the repeatability of the shape of the product, so that each piece is uniform and presentable. In addition, the demodeler helps to increase the productivity of the food plant, since it allows you to quickly remove molds and prepare the product for the next step of the machining process.


We build customized conveyor belts with Different characteristics depending on the product from transport.
The conveyor belts are very versatile and They can be of different types.

Cell Cells

The cells with connecting rods consist of a Weighing platform connected to a series of force sensors, which measure the pressure exerted on the platform by the goods placed on it.

They are often used in combination with other equipment in food plants. For example, they can be integrated into an automated production line, where goods are automatically weighed and dosed according to the specific needs of the production process.

Cell cells are important because allow you to accurately measure the quantities of food product, ensuring compliance with the specifications required by the production process and the quality of the final product. In addition, the use of cell cells helps to minimize weighing errors and maximize the efficiency of the food plant.