Our spirals are particularly suitable for this use, within the insulated cells, for the leavening of various types of bakery and cakes products. To do it, our designers and experienced technicians use various systems, including the most widely used foresee the use of an evaporative cooling tower, in which are contained the steam generation system, the radiator for the heating of the cell, which can be electric or hot water, or steam powered.  The air ventilation unit, which is usually controlled by inverter. This system is managed by our computer, so to ensure the overall control of each component of the leavening phase. These components are often integrated by a control on the attainment of the maximum temperature in the cell. This can happen with economic systems, as a simple air extractor place on the roof of the cell, or with more sophisticated and precise systems, such as the use of a small evaporator, connected to a refrigeration plant.