The Spirals for high temperature processing SUPERsrls are produced entirely

with a structure in stainless steel, stainless steel belt. Moving system

parts are made of stainless steel or special plastic material suitable for high


High temperature processes included spirals for:

drying + 45 ° C

pasteurization + 90 °
sterilization + 100 ° C
toasting +100°C

baking + 280 ° C

The heating system and the warm air in the room changes depends on the

process -------temperature and the type of product to be treated.
The main systems includes unit heaters inserted at the center or outside

of the spirals, fed with steam at high temperature or with radiation by electric

elements or burners that heat the inside of the cell by using

the same principle of the thermal cycle oven.

We guarantee the best air flow control and temperature uniformity, thanks

to our exclusive system "SUPER AIR FLOW CONTROL"

Your specific needs will be promptly analyzed and resolved by our

SUPER project team.