Freezer Spiral

The SUPER freezing spiral works inside a cell with an optimized insulation. Right dimensioned evaporators and suitable group of ventilation ensure to the SUPER freezing plant the best air flow that invests the product homogeneously bringing it to freezing in a very short time. The simple construction of the SUPER spiral freezing allow you to work quietly give for industrial production and craft. A great relevance is given to the air flow through the products in order to optimize the cooling capacity of the system, thus reducing the cost of energy used in the process. The employment then the type of air flow (horizontal or vertical or mixed) is decided according to the product to be frozen and the size of the height and width of the freezer. Is proposed system or spiral freezer suitable for typical product to be treated between the numerous technical solutions. Experience and capability of our project and technical personnel, will allow us to found the best solutions in freezing process, A particular relevance has for SUPER food machines: the floor insulation: The floor insulated with a polyurethane panel Reinforced internal with marine wood blocks and with a marine wood sheet 2 cm thickness placed at the top. The floor is entirely cover by a smooth stainless steel sheet and welded on place with 3 mm thickness. The floor is placed on omega bars made in stainless steel, with different height, to give the right angle to deviate water defrost to external client discharge. These omega permits to avoid thermal bridge between floor and freezing cabinet.