'TYPE OF BURNER  with "modular flame". This will allow a great flame accuracy with saving on consumption (10% less) than the ON / OFF control.

Type: direct flame with forced air supply . Fuel: natural gas

Nr. one burners: every 0.8 m. above (sky) and  nr. one burner every 1.0 m. approximately below (floor + 1 for the underfloor heating).

No. 2 adjustment zones: above and below + (the preheating zone)

SUPER srls oven is supplied complete with:

-system of transport is realized with plates of special materials (marble, refractory stone, steel, net) supported by a steel frame that also allows a thermal expansion.

-the chamber frame has a part made of harmonic steel in the centre and the combustion chamber runs on rails, in order to recover the thermal expansions due to high temperatures (max +350 ° C +650 ° C +850 ° C)

This structure joins the side chains and runs on special towing guides (chains) that pass through the side wheels with high temperature bearings.

- a pneumatic or spring tensioning system, positioned close to the firing, ensures that the chain tension is always correct and recovers the elongations that occur as a result of the lengthening of the heat tape

- drive unit with variable speed to allow variations in the baking time.

- a special fan steel fan that allows an adjustable speed air movement, with smoke evacuation.- backing chamber in AISI 430 stainless steel.

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