Venexian company, operating in the field of technology for food processing, modern and dynamic, which stems from the recognized deep technical expertise of the founders and of the entire operation team.
SUPER Srls. design and manufacture professional systems for the food processing industry; we do not only build technology but offer comprehensive and customized solutions.
Our high specializing and flexible technical personnel are focused on customer satisfaction, technology research and continuous innovation.
Our strength is the innovation and the technological design altogether with the construction of the mechanical parts in our own workshops, thus creating a rapid and precise implementation leading to the minimization of the production chain, which also turns in an optimal "Quality Price" ratio.
The quality and the reliability of our products and solutions, derive from the experience acquired by the staff, who maintain a constant control on the manufacturing process, following to the particular the detailed planning of any project during all its phases.
We maintain an ongoing relationship with our customers, we also assist and support the client in all his/her needs, both during the installation, testing of the machines and during the period of use of the same ones.
Among our top products, all made under full compliance with current regulations, we proudly highlight:

Among the top products, all made in full compliance with current regulations, it highlights:
• Conveyor belts in "PVC" straight and curved
• Drum spiral conveyors for freezing, cooling, drying, pasteurization, cooking
• Laminating Groups (sheeters), from 300 to 1500 mm wide
• Leavening with automated handling of trays or trolleys
• Oven loaders and unloaders

• Depanners
• Ovens of different models: linear tunnels, multi deck, vertical: gas, direct flame, heat cycle, the tube, with electrical gas train tunnel ovens: + 100 ° C / + 200 ° C / + 400 ° C / + 700 ° C
• Combiner and divider machines for the product lines
• Conveyor belts for trays (table top)
• Elevators and descenders for trays (Noria)
• Horizontal & Planetary industrial mixers

• Fresh pasta & pre-cooked pasta lines
• In addition to a range of complete lines, machines and accessories that are manufactured according to customer requirements.
to the customer needs.



The SUPER srls Technical support is available 24 hours on 24.
Our team and 'able to ensure maximum availability to meet the demands of our customers.
Our team 'also available for:

Preventive inspection
Ordinary maintenance
Urgent Repair
Maintenance contracts
Spare parts service
Changes, conversion and expansion of plants


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